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June 2015

Presentation to jones knowles ritchie staff, NYC; How to Draw Letters.
(Thanks, JKR!)

December 2014

Official launch, IB Type Inc., December 12th, 2014.

October 2014

Ian Brignell, keynote speaker at 60th Annual Type Directors Club Exhibition
Toronto, Canada. Info

Articles by Ian

November/December 2014 issue Applied Arts Magazine
Type column: All Type Is Not Created Equal, co-written by Ian Brignell and Catherine O'Toole.

Articles About Ian

June 2015

Monotype's The Recorder, Issue 2, Summer 2015. Emma Tucker, editor; Luke Tonga, Art Director.
Includes a great article by Rick Banks (Face37) called The Beautiful Game. Rick talks about the influence of custom type in sport and its emergence in corporate branding, esp. as regards the custom font Ian Brignell designed for Coke's Share-a-Coke campaign.

March 2015

Read an amazing interview with Ian at HeyThere, a website devoted to shining a spotlight on Canadian Creatives. HeyThere.ca founder is Ian Clarke.
Article in the November 2014 issue of Ovation, Sheridan College Alumni Magazine; What's In a Name?

November 2014

Ian is featured (again) in a new edition of the bestselling textbook, Exploring Adobe InDesign by Terry Rydberg, 2015 (Cengage). Info

August 2014

In leJDC.fr, article by journalist Denis Chaumereuil, France. Le Graphiste de Coca Cola, Dove et Leffe...
Also available in translation (English) here thanks to the talented Gill Sibley, translator.

June 2014

Talking Fonts with Ian Brignell, Applied Arts Wire