Ian Brignell is


About IB TYPE Inc.

Ian Brignell is an award-winning lettering, logo and font designer. He founded IB TYPE Inc in 2014 with his partner, Catherine O’Toole.

IB TYPE fonts are renowned for their elegance, usefulness and for Ian’s design integrity. Every letter of every font is designed and drawn by Ian Brignell alone.

Most of Ian’s design work is custom. IB TYPE fonts are for everyone.

Ian’s custom logo and lettering projects include Subway, POPEYES, Budweiser, BlackRock, Bud Light, CO Bigelow, Kashi, Bell, George Dickel, Telefonica, Harvard, Coors Banquet, Duracell, Dove, Vaseline, Burger King, Hunt’s, Harvey’s, ChapStick, Estée Lauder Pleasures, Crown Royal – the list goes on and on.

Ian has designed custom fonts for Coke’s Share-a-Coke campaign (YOU font), Subway (Six-inch, Footlong), Budweiser (Bold and Crafted), Bud Light (Bud Light Bold and Black), Michelob Ultra (Regular, Bold), Bell (Slim in 6 weights) and Naturalizer, among others.

For Ian, it all started in Grade 4. ”I remember being bored and my mind wandered until it was struck by an idea. I decided to sharpen my pencil as much as I could and then attempted to duplicate, size-as, the 16 point century type that was on the page before me.”

IB TYPE is a passion project.