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Design Integrity

IB Type fonts are special for three reasons:

The inspiration for every IB Type font springs from the creative custom lettering and logo design work that Ian Brignell is immersed in every day. That's why we always include a birth year notation (b.) and a creative reference in every font descriptor.

IB Type fonts are designed and drawn by Ian Brignell alone. There exists no better guarantee of quality, craft and elegance than Ian's hand, his eye and his own high standards: 35 years of excellence and counting...

Design with confidence! Excepting our headline fonts, you can use IB Type fonts at any size, on any screen and in any format. Put simply: they work. That's why we don't prescribe use.

What our clients are saying:

"Your fonts set beautifully"

"The more I use them the more I love them"

"Readable at any point size"

"Every character in every font style is perfectly crafted - what a relief!"

This, from Ian Brignell:

"My goal is to design exquisitely crafted typefaces. I want to see them in use everywhere."

IB Type Inc. is a digital type foundry based in Ottawa, Canada. IB Type's focus is quality over quantity. We launched in 2014 with three fonts.

For more information, please contact: Ian Brignell or Catherine O'Toole