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Ian may be a type design genius and Catherine, a branding/marketing visionary, but let's face it: nobody gets here all by their lonesome.

With warm heart and martini glass hoisted high, Ian and Catherine would like to thank all the people who have helped launch IB Type Inc.

Friends all:

Terry Rydberg, dedicated design teacher and author of the bestselling textbooks, Exploring Adobe InDesign (Cengage). For many editions, now, Ian has been featured in her books because Terry appreciated Ian's skill, his work, and she knew from experience that graphic design students consider Ian to be a rock star. What a lovely revelation.

Maureen Monaghan, corporate lawyer and bon vivant, who watched us tiptoe into her office one day, listened to our meek proposal, pounded her desk just once and said, "Hey, you gotta think big potatoes!" So we did.

Mark Scarrow and Janet Hayes at Scarrow & Co. because no business nor businessperson should make a big potatoes move without an excellent accountant.

Kathleen Lemieux at BLG because intellectual property law is not for the faint of heart.

Devlin Digital, especially Cath Devlin, Tessa Devlin, Jeff Beemer, Michael Gallinger and Lily Abraham. They listened carefully until they understood our concept then turned that concept into a beautiful, high functioning ecommerce website. Wow.

Patrick Griffin, co-founder with Rebecca Alaccari of Canada Type. Patrick has been generous with his advice and enthusiastic in his support of this venture. Also, he has helped Ian with many technical and programming tasks (like assembling the extended character set and font file generation).

Balvis Rubess is an artist, photographer, design principal and founder of the motion graphics firm Plasmalife, illustrator behind the remarkable pop-up-books series including Phobias, Nightmares and Sex. We thank Balvis for the beautiful photos he took of us for this site.

Marc Lafoy, partner with Jessica Raum at Screen Images in Toronto. Marc is an art director, web designer, filmmaker, magician. He has patiently answered Catherine's many questions and his ability to think outside the box of established design industry practice has proved invaluable. Marc is an after-hours aficionado. Ian and Catherine believe IB Type was conjured one dark and stormy night over myriad cocktails at an amber-lighted table in the back corner of the (now defunct) Playpen on Gerrard Street...