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Ian and Catherine would like to thank the following lovely people who helped us launch and support us still.

Friends all:

Maureen Monaghan, corporate lawyer and bon vivant, who watched us tiptoe into her office one day, listened to our meek proposal, pounded her desk just once and said, "Hey, you gotta think big potatoes!" So we did.

Milla Yurman and Mark Scarrow at Scarrow, Yurman and Co. because no business nor businessperson should make a big potatoes move without an excellent accountant.

Patrick Griffin, co-founder with Rebecca Alaccari of Canada Type. Patrick has been generous with his advice and enthusiastic in his support of this venture.

Kathleen Lemieux at BLG because intellectual property law is not for the faint of heart.

Lily Abraham, web developer extraordinaire!

Devlin Digital, especially Cath Devlin and Michael Gallinger.

Marc Lafoy, partner with Jessica Raum at Screen Images in Toronto.

IB Type was conjured one dark and stormy night over myriad cocktails at an amber-lighted table in the back corner of the (now defunct) Playpen on Gerrard Street...