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About Our Licenses

Welcome To IB Type

  • IB Type Inc. (IB Type) sells licenses, not fonts. That's why we have a License Agreement (LA).
  • If you purchase a font license from IB Type, IB Type assumes that you know how to download and utilize a font file.
  • All our prices are in United States Dollars (USD).
  • Please note: One License Owner per license. Licenses may not be transferred or shared so make sure that the Owner's name (your name? your client's name?) is registered properly at checkout.
  • For the purposes of font licensing through IB Type Inc. you are deemed to be an Enterprise if a) your shares are publicly traded, and/or b) your company's annual gross revenues exceed 100 million USD.
  • Standard licenses apply to any person or entity that is not Enterprise Enterprise license owners and Standard license owners are bound by the terms of our License Agreement.
  • By purchasing a IB Type font license and/or installing any IB Type font file on a computer you or your company owns, you are indicating that you agree to the terms of the IB Type License Agreement.


Yes, you can:

  • create corporate logos, stationary, business cards, business forms, banners, etc.
  • create tag lines for print or screen, animate your tag lines, build a website, set film credits, launch an app, epublish for a million downloads of one title/version, print 5 million copies of one book.
  • You can use IB Type fonts to make words or phrases to adorn many kinds of products (for example T-shirts, coffee mugs, bumper stickers, buttons, even tattoos.) then sell them as long as these products exploit your brand, not our IB Type brand. For example; you CAN print your company name on a coffee mug then sell it. You CANNOT make a series of coffee cups displaying single cap letters of an IB Type font then sell that. You CAN create T-shirts displaying words or phrases using an IB Type font. You cannot create T-shirts displaying an IB Type font alphabet, numbers or other glyphs.

No, you can’t:

  • use an individual glyph as a logo (i.e. ampersands, dollar signs, a single cap letter, etc.)
  • make products that exploit the IB Type brand. For example: you can't make and sell products displaying an IB Type font specimen, individual letters or numbers, our logo, etc.
  • sell, lend or transfer an IB Type font nor its font license.
  • make IB Type font files available for download on the internet, email them to your pals/colleagues or upload them to public internet file transfer or storing channels.
  • modify a font. (If you need a character/font modified, contact us)
  • rename an IB Type font or font file.
  • modify the copyright/trademark information embedded in IB Type font files.
  • Manufactured product restrictions include three-dimensional physical outputs of any IB Type font or character within a font: no rubber stamps, scrap-booking alphabets, wooden blocks, magnetic alphabets, jewelry, metal, wooden, porcelain or plastic letters/numbers, etc. IB Type font licenses do not allow for use with certain physical output devices including but not restricted to 3-D printers, die-makers, milling machines, moulds, injection moulds, metal stamping machines, laser-cutting machines, etc.
  • If you or your company want to manufacture then sell these kinds of goods, or if you are unclear about licensed usage, please contact Catherine. Use-specific licenses are available.